Co-ed rules vary from standard rules:

Serving order

1.1. The serving order and positions on the court at service shall be male and female alternated or vice-versa.


1.2. When the ball is played more than once by a team, a female player shall make at least one of the contacts. Contact of the ball during blocking shall not constitute playing the ball. There is no requirement for a male player to contact the ball, regardless of the number of hits by a team.


1.3. Uniforms of players shall be identical within the following provisions:
1.3.1. All female players shall be attired in same color jerseys.
1.3.2. All male players shall be attired in same color jerseys.


1.4. When one male player is in the front row at service, the remaining back-row male player cannot participate in a block.
1.4. Commentary: There is no restriction on the back-row male player being in the attack zone.


1.5. The height of the net shall be 2.43 m

To see the complete co-ed rules (updated on September 6, 2013) click here: coed rules – 2013sep6


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