Regular weekly events (OUTDOORS and ROOFED)

We play regularly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

#VolleyOUTDOORS – Tuesday

Location When Summary Description
IDB Sinesio Delgado August 22, 2017 at 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm #VolleyOUTDOORS - Tuesday Address: Calle Isla de Oza 80, Madrid Metro: Valdezarza (L7) Google Maps:

#VolleyOUTDOORS – Thursday

Location When Summary Description
IDB Bacares August 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm #VolleyOUTDOORS - Thursday Address: Calle Bacares 27, Madrid Metro: Pinar de Chamartin L1, L4 Google Maps:

Volley Day Outdoors

Location When Summary Description
IDB Joaquín Ibarra August 26, 2017 at 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Volley Day Outdoors Address: Calle Joaquín Ibarra 24, Madrid Metro: El Capricho (L5) Google Maps:

#VolleyROOFED – Sunday

No upcoming events

Extra events

The last Extra event was on Monday, May 15, 2017
We got together to have Paella and play #VolleyROOFED (volley con techo) at roofed volleyball court IDB Los Rosales in Madrid, Spain

No upcoming events

Additionally, we might play on other random days.



IDB Sinesio Delgado (OUTDOORS)

OUTDOORS at IDB Sinesio Delgado

  • At an outdoors court (without changing rooms).
  • From 8:00pm till 11:00pm, with illumination.




  • At an outdoors court (without changing rooms).
  • From 7:00pm till 10:00pm, with illumination.


IDB Joaquín Ibarra (OUTDOORS)

OUTDOORS at IDB Joaquín Ibarra

  • At an outdoors court (with a bathroom in the building next door).
  • From 6:00pm till 10:00pm, with illumination.


IDB Miguel Hernández (OUTDOORS)

OUTDOORS at IDB Miguel Hernández

  • At an outdoors court (without changing rooms).
  • From 12:00pm till 3:00pm


IDB Los Rosales (ROOFED)

ROOFED at IDB Los Rosales

  • At a roofed court (with changing rooms).
  • From 12:00pm till 3:00pm

How to get there

  • IDB Sinesio Delgado (OUTDOORS)
  • From metro Valdezarza (Line 7), take the Calle de San Restituto exit.
    Go up the stone steps by the trees, and turn right.
    Follow the path a few metres past a childrens playground and then cross the zebra crossing and go straight on through a small park.
    You will see a Dia supermarket on the other side of the road. Cross this road and turn left.
    Walk for about 100 metres and the volleyball court is on the right next to a small red petrol station.
    A total of 5-10 minutes walk from the metro.
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IDB Sinesio Delgado (OUTDOORS)

How to get there

  • IDB Bacares (OUTDOORS)
  • To get there from metro station Pinar de Chamartín (L1) walk out of the metro to Calle Arturo Soria. As you exit the metro station, turn left. Walk 50m up Calle Arturo Soria and turn left on Calle Dalia. There is a Unicaja bank branch on the corner of Calle Dalia with Calle Arturo Soria. Walk 400m up Calle Dalia. After 400m, Calle Dalia changes its name to Calle Bacares. Where the name changes, there is a football pitch, several skateboard ramps, and beside them is the fenced volley court (5 minute walk in total).
    Alternatively, metro station Manoteras L4, is 100 m away from the volley court.
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How to get there

  • IDB Joaquín Ibarra (OUTDOORS)
  • To get there from metro station El Capricho (L5) exit at Calle Pinos de Osuna. Walk towards a grey building surrounded by a wall mural. Walk straight on 200m past the wall mural. Then turn left on the first side street. Once you’ve turned left, you’re on Calle Joaquin Ibarra. Walk 400m along Calle de Joaquin Ibarra and the fenced volley court will be on your right. (10 minutes total walk)
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IDB Joaquín Ibarra (OUTDOORS)

How to get there

  • IDB Miguel Hernández (OUTDOORS)
  • To get there from metro station Miguel Hernández (L1) exit at Rafael Alberti – Amublatorio. At the exit you’ll have a long grey concrete wall beside you. Walk 200m along the wall, down the street. Where the long grey concrete wall finishes, the street goes over a park. Walk over the park into a roundabout and at the roundabout walk into a pedestrian pathway down into the park. Once you’ve walked down into the park, turn right into the bike/pedestrian lane and walk north. Walk north 300m along the bike/pedestrian lane. You’ll go past a kids’ playground, a pond and then you’ll see two fenced courts. The first fenced court is a soccer court. The volleyball/basketball court is further 20m north of the soccer court. (15 minutes total walk)

IDB Miguel Hernández (OUTDOORS)

How to get there

  • IDB Los Rosales (ROOFED)
  • To get there from Cercanías Villaverde Bajo train station (C3, C4) exit at Gran Vía de Villaverde street. Across the street there are some escalators. Take the escalators down to calle Eduardo Maristany. At the bottom of the escalators you will see a red coloured bar at the corner. The bar is at the corner of calle Eduardo Maristany with calle Vicente Carballal. Walk 10m down calle Vicente Carballal to where there is a CaixaBank branch. At the CaixaBank branch turn right on calle Miguel Solas. Walk 600m along calle Miguel Solas till you get to the end of the street at a big roundabout. The roundabout is at Avenida de los Rosales. Turn right on Avenida de los Rosales. Walk another 100m along Avenida de los Rosales and the cultural center will be on your left.
    (total walk 10 minutes)
  • The roofed volley court is behind the cultural center building.
    To get there from Centro Cultural Los Rosales, walk through the street door and go round the building. There’s an entrance door to the roofed court on the right hand side of the building (total walk 1 minute)

IDB Los Rosales (ROOFED)

#VolleyBEACH 2017 season is coming up!

Starting mid May 2017 we’ll play on sand courts at swimming pools in Madrid, Spain.
For further information on #VolleyBEACH visit the page

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