#VolleyOUTDOORS – Sunday

EventsIDB Miguel Hernández → #VolleyOUTDOORS (Sunday)
IDB Miguel Hernández (OUTDOORS)
clock Sunday, October 7, 2018
12pm – 3pm
location IDB Miguel Hernández | Further details
notes Address: Avenida de Miguel Hernández 35, Madrid
Metro: Miguel Hernández (L1)
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/gWDXmA45GxC2
calendar Sunday Events

Further details

EventsIDB Miguel Hernández → Further Details (Sunday)

Drop-in recreational #VolleyOUTDOORS at volleyball court IDB Miguel Hernández in Madrid, Spain

Price (donation): 1 Euro

How to get there
To get there from metro station Miguel Hernández (L1) exit at Rafael Alberti – Amublatorio. At the exit you’ll have a long grey concrete wall beside you. Walk 200m along the wall, down the street. Where the long grey concrete wall finishes, the street goes over a park. Walk over the park into a roundabout and at the roundabout walk into a pedestrian pathway down into the park. Once you’ve walked down into the park, turn right into the bike/pedestrian lane and walk north. Walk north 300m along the bike/pedestrian lane. You’ll go past a kids’ playground, a pond and then you’ll see two fenced courts. The first fenced court is a soccer court. The volleyball/basketball court is further 20m north of the soccer court. (15 minutes total walk)



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